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Parrot Land Merchandise
(Parrot Land – an early nineteenth century name for Australia)

‘ Native Plants in Northcote Gardens’ Cards.

Available as individual cards or in sets.
A limited edition of 500 sets of blank cards designed and printed in Australia.
300gsm card – envelopes included.

Photographs: Rosemary Simons
Graphic Design: Ian Robertson
Text: Rosemary Simons/Phyl Frazer Simons/Jenny Brown

These distinctive cards depict Australian native plants intertwined with features of the suburban streetscape.

The photographs reproduced on these cards are selected from a survey of Australian native plants in the Melbourne suburb of Northcote.

Once the flower rich land of the Wurundjeri Aboriginal people, this early suburb of Melbourne, like much of Australian suburbia, was cleared of most vegetation. This original, pristine, grassy woodland, was quickly forgotten and replaced by housing, industry and European plant species.

Now, however, although once exiled to the bush, many native plants have returned to our suburbs.These cards record some of this contemporary transformation.

Card 1/ Native Grasses
Card 2/ Small-leafed clematis –Clematis microphylla
Card 3/ Kangaroo paw –Anigozanthos 'Harmony'
Card 4/ Possibly the Spotted gum – Eucalyptus maculata
Card 5/ Leptospermum ‘Pink Cascade’ – Tea Tree
Card 6/ Prickly-leafed Paperbark – Melaleuca stypheliodes

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Cibachrome Photographic Prints of the ‘Native Plants in Northcote Gardens’ Card Series of Photographs. (Refer to ‘Native Plants in Northcote Gardens’ Card on menu to view images).

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‘ Parrot Land’
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