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Company Information

Rosemary Simons Design registered 1989.

Twenty gritty years of design experience feeds into this company.

RSD is an industry stalwart having amassed knowledge across a broad spectrum of client needs during decades of artistic and practical endeavour. Despite this extensive body of work, the company remains drawn to new design challenges.

Born of careful deliberation and ingenuity, our designs help to achieve the client’s commercial, artistic or educational goals.

Each project receives dedicated time from the principal, Rosemary Simons, who operates much like a freelance film or theatre director appointing a team of collaborators specifically for each project and undertaking overall creative control.

Collaborators are selected from a painstakingly compiled list of high quality specialists, artisans, designers, technicians and fabricators from the worlds of theatre and exhibitions.

The team composition is dictated by the project, thus helping to secure a fresh and spirited design response for each new project.

We offer a range of design and project management services including ‘ready made’ exhibitions and displays as well as concept generation. Our structure and small size minimises overheads and helps protect the passion and commitment that drives us.

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