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Rutherglen Wine Centre

Title: Rutherglen Wine Experience
Location: Rutherglen
Exhibition Design: Rosemary Simons
Clients: Regional Development Company Wine makers of Rutherglen and Indigo Shire Council

Design Brief: To assist in creating a centre that will attract visitors to the region through the design of an exhibition which educates visitors about wine and wine making and the region in general.

Venue – a nineteenth century general store.

Design Notes: In order to give equal emphasis to a variety of entry points, the architect and designer carved out a central pathway with the visitor information desk as the focal point.

The exhibition concept in the old shop section, formed around the idea of a winery or vineyard being available as ‘kits’ for sale. Many of the ‘kit’ items can be handled including secateurs, coopers tools, soil and wine additives, cork, wax, barrels, thermometers, rain gauges and so on. Larger items such as land and machinery, are represented as scale models. Three dimensional castings of the words ‘sacrifice’, ‘courage’, ‘patience’ and ‘time’ formed the ‘art of winemaking’ kit.

Whilst ‘Season Discs’ help connect people to the real life vineyards and wineries ‘down the road’, pictures, text panels, a ‘Time Line’ and interactive maps, show the history of the region.

(Note that the exhibition has recently be altered).

Client Comments: “Just a note to let you know that the experience is still receiving very positive comments from the visitors.” (Chris Pfieffer Chairman of Winemakers of Rutherglen. 2002).

Project Manager: Rosemary Simons
Architect: Philip Ryan
Curator: Rosemary Simons
Copywriter: Jenny Brown
Fabricator: A&A Expo International
Lighting Design: Stagelight Australia
Perspex Map Realisation: Stephen Routledge
Graphic Designer: Ian Robinson
Scenic Artists: Ross Turner
Model Makers: Ross Turner and Clinton Greenwood
Photographer: Bindy Welsh

    Copyright Rosemary Simons Design Pty Ltd 2003. All rights reserved