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Title: Blessed Be The Work – Australian Contemporary Design in Jewish Ceremony II
Location: Jewish Museum of Australia
Exhibition Design: Rosemary Simons
Client: Jewish Museum of Australia

Design Brief: To design a ‘streamlined, Australian, contemporary (but reflecting the past), sturdy, warm, ritualistic and with a wandering path’ exhibition within the museum’s temporary exhibition space.

Design Notes: Doing justice to a collection of pieces from the country’s best craftspeople and to do so as it tours to a wide variety of venues was the challenge, this is how it was approached:

The gorgeous, often self coloured exhibits, inspired a choice of exhibition materials that were also self coloured: the silver of aluminium, the white of linen and the gold of woodgrain. A ritualistic, burgundy background helped set the mood.

Despite it’s diversity, the collection nevertheless needed to present as a ‘family’. To help achieve this, showcases, set at heights to suit exhibits, formed part of the layered installation ‘landscape’ which accommodated the disparity in scale, medium and type of exhibit.

This durable and adaptable furniture design was arranged with procession-like formality. It could be linked like threaded beads, using poles and lintels, to another piece of furniture.

The perspex lintels were multi functional and supported, like the showcases, by inverted ‘U’ shaped aluminium plinths. There were portals between exhibit groupings and on some, linen information panels hung like back-lit ‘veils’.

Client Comments: “...time to congratulate you. For understanding our brief with a quiet confidence and intelligence and interpreting our requirements with sensitivity and accuracy....all congratulate you for your ability to work with the committee, converting ideas and suggestions into a design format which we all welcome and love.

For your truly magnificent exhibition design which highlights the objects, respects the tradition and celebrates the contemporary aesthetic and the Australian content. The objects are the stars of the show, but they shine because of the attention you have given to the display cases, graphics and colour scheme and traffic flow. For your superb documentation........ For bringing the exhibition in on budget and on time.......For managing the project so that the exhibition was assembled without a hitch....And especially for your professionalism and reliability and integrity......” (Luba Bilu, Exhibition Coordinator, ‘Blessed Be The Work’ Jewish Museum of Australia 1999).

Curator: Luba Bilu
Fabricator: Ian Grenda
Graphic Designer: Ian Robertson
Photographer: Dieu Tan

    Copyright Rosemary Simons Design Pty Ltd 2003. All rights reserved