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The Holy See
The Artist and the Patron
Mutiny on the Bounty
Southampton Dock-FS88
Living Together-FS88
Te Papa Tongarewa
Brambuk Cultural Centre
Bowali Visitor Centre
Warradjan Cultural Centre
Toolangi Forest Centre
A Show of Puppets
Capex ‘96
John Curtin
Colonial Alphabet
Little Horrors
Best Design
Polish Posters
Australia 99 Stamp Expo
Blessed Be The Work
Romance of Judaica
Department of NRE
Dorrigo National Park
Rutherglen Wine Centre

Title:Best Design - Swinburne Industrial Design
Location: Post Master Gallery Australia Post
Exhibition Designer: Rosemary Simons
Client: Australia Post

Design Notes: This exhibition explains the design process along with completed designs.

These interactives explore materials, form, colour and were nominated as a finalist in the 1996 Design Institute Awards.

Curator: Paul Fox
Copywriter:Paul Fox and Jenny Brown
Project Manager: Rosemary Simons
Assistants: Kate Nelson and Megan Atkins
Fabricator: Stewards and Andris Stahls
Graphic Designer: Ian Robertson
Photographer: Steven Wilkinson

    Copyright Rosemary Simons Design Pty Ltd 2003. All rights reserved