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Title: Bowali Visitor Centre
(Approval for inclusion of this material in this Website from Chris Haynes,
Director, Kakadu National Park, October 2003)
Location: Kakadu National Park
Exhibition 3D Concept Design: Rosemary Simons
(Practising as Simons Lancashire Design)

Design Notes: Stylised natural habitats were designed as structures for presenting information and exhibits. They were also designed to complement the clean, strong lines of the architecture.

“ The exhibition will be set around areas dealing with different habitats....The secrets we reveal in the exhibition area will be real. The physical settings for these real things however is more impressionistic. ...These highly stylised habitats form a framework on which to mount the information and are conceived of by drawing on the most distinctive characteristics of each area.” (Concept Notes. Rosemary Simons).

Spear Grass Screen Concept Design
Design Notes: Giant Spear Grass, which is a feature of the Park, was the source of inspiration for this screen.

Rainforest Screen Concept Design
Design Notes: Miniature lightboxes, lit by fibre optics, were invented for this installation. The thick fibres were designed to intertwine with the structure, like vines in the rainforest.

Draftsperson: Sue Bristow
Architects: Glen Murcott and Troppo
Project Manager: John Challis
Graphic Designers: David Lancashire and Mark Janetzki
Photographer: Rosemary Simons

    Copyright Rosemary Simons Design Pty Ltd 2003. All rights reserved