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Title: The Artist and the Patron – Aspects of Colonial Art in New South Wales
Location: Art Gallery of New South Wales
Exhibition Design: Desmond Freeman Associates
Project Designer: Rosemary Simons
Client: Art Gallery of New South Wales

Design Notes: Designed to transform contemporary gallery spaces into interiors suggestive of the early nineteenth century through the use of colour, furniture and props.

Review: “Australian Museums and Art Galleries are often criticised for their hasty and unsympathetic presentation of major exhibitions, but with the Artist and the Patron – Aspects of Colonial Art in New South Wales’, the Art Gallery of New South Wales has gone to enormous lengths to give a collection of works the best possible airing.....Many visitors to the AGNSW will have already wandered through the specially prepared exhibition rooms, which have been dressed up as 19 th century salons, complete with salmon pink paint work, facsimile cedar door frames and all the other paraphernalia of last century chic drawing rooms.” (John McDonald Sydney Morning Herald 2/4/88).

Client Comments: “Rosemary Simons has been known to me for about three years.........(I) greatly admire her creativity, intelligence and perseverance. As a client I found our working relationship extremely satisfactory and was filled with admiration for her professionalism, good humour and ability to inspire and motivate a diverse group of tradesman.....we were very difficult and exacting clients. Rosemary rose above all these problems and proved to be very responsive to our ideas and demands........The resulting exhibition was elegant, cohesive and easily accessible to the general public. The exhibition also received widespread critical acclaim.......I am also familiar with Rosemary’s excellent work on First State 88, Brisbane Expo and the Bligh exhibition in London. In each instance, she had to liaise with a wide and diverse range of people and overcome seemingly insurmountable problems. This she did with her usual tact and empathy.” (Patricia R Mc Donald Curator, ‘The Artist and the Patron, Aspects of Colonial Art in New South Wales’, Art Gallery of New South Wales 1989).

Note: (Desmond Freeman, previously with DFA and now Freeman Design Partners)
Curator: Patricia McDonald
Copywriter: Patricia McDonald
Fabricator and Scenic Artists: Art Gallery of New South Wales
Photographer: John Skarratt

    Copyright Rosemary Simons Design Pty Ltd 2003. All rights reserved